I decided to become an eye doctor as a medical student during an ophthalmology rotation. While rotating with one of the doctors, I met a boy named Eric. Eric was about 5 years old and had an eye condition that prevented him from seeing well. He was very withdrawn and hesitant to engage or communicate. A surgical procedure was recommended that would improve Eric’s vision. While the surgery was technically challenging, the surgeon was excellent and the surgery was performed in textbook–like fashion.

One week following the surgery, I saw Eric again and he was a completely different child. He was talkative, engaging and interactive. He gave me a high five and wanted to show me his new picture book. The sudden improvement in Eric’s vision gave him a new outlook of the world around him. The experience was impressionable and career altering for me, eventually leading me to my current profession.

When I first met Orlando, He came to my clinic because he had suddenly lost vision in his left eye. After examining him, I confirmed Orlando’s fears that he had a retinal detachment. Orlando was familiar with this condition as he had already had a retinal detachment and now was legally blind in the right eye. In spite of multiple attempts to repair the retina several years ago, it never fully attached. Now he had a retinal detachment in the other eye and Orlando was very worried that he would never see again.

I performed a temporary procedure that in clinic that would immediately start the process of reattaching the retina. I met Orlando in the operating room the very next day. The surgery went well and the retina completely reattached. Orlando was 100% compliant with everything he was asked to do. Today he is very happy and sees 20/30 and is able to drive, read, and work.

After the excellent outcome of his left eye, Orland asked if I would be willing to operate on his right eye. The photo above is the both of us after his right eye surgery.

I love what I do. Each and every day I get to experience the joy of helping others reclaim their vision. I’ve spent years learning and improving my skills but I know there is always room for improvement. Since the beginning of my career I have solicited honest feedback and reviews from my patients.

I’m proud of my scores. I’m proud of the results that I bring to others, and strive to improve every day so my score climbs higher.

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