Patient Spotlights

This is one of my good friends, Donald. We met about a year ago after he had a sudden loss of vision following a shot administered to his eye. His doctor had been treating him for macular degeneration with injections in his eye.

Unfortunately, he developed a serious infection from the procedure but because it was Saturday, he was not able to get in contact with his doctor. His condition was brought to my attention through a mutual friend and I immediately met him at the clinic that day. Within only a few hours, I was able to get him into the clinic and start treating him with aggressive antibiotics. Donald was lucky and got most of his vision back.

Once the infection was resolved, I performed a simple surgery to remove the residual floaters left over from the infection. Following the surgery, Donald reported that he “saw better than he had in years”. He was so pleased he later had surgery in the other eye to remove age related floaters. This is a picture of us shortly after his second surgery.

This is Mr. B. He came to see me about 4 weeks ago due to vision loss. He had a very unusual presentation with a full thickness macular hole in both eyes. His vision was down to 20/80 and he could no longer drive or read. We discussed surgery to fix the holes and 1 week after surgery in the left eye his vision had improved to 20/40. He was very happy and was ecstatic to have the surgery performed on the other eye.