Macular Holes

Macular holes are a condition characterized by the formation of a full-thickness hole in the macula, which is the central part of the retina responsible for sharp, detailed vision. The onset of macular holes is often sudden and can lead to a significant loss of vision. However, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Ellingson, there is hope for patients facing this challenging condition. With a remarkable closure rate of 98% and 97% of patients experiencing visual improvement, Dr. Ellingson has become a leading surgeon in successfully operating on macular holes.

Understanding the urgency and impact of macular holes on a person’s vision, Dr. Ellingson employs advanced surgical techniques to close the holes and restore visual function. Through meticulous procedures, he repairs the damaged macular tissue and promotes healing, enabling the hole to close and stabilize. Dr. Ellingson’s exceptional closure rate speaks to his skill, precision, and commitment to delivering optimal outcomes for his patients. With his expertise, patients can find reassurance and renewed hope in their journey toward visual recovery.

Dr. Ellingson’s dedication extends beyond successful surgical outcomes. He understands that vision is not just about the physical act of seeing but also greatly impacts one’s quality of life. That’s why he places great emphasis on visual improvement and its potential to enhance daily activities and overall well-being. Remarkably, 76% of Dr. Ellingson’s patients have noticed three lines or more of improvement in their vision following surgery compared to their pre-surgery state. This significant improvement highlights the transformative impact of Dr. Ellingson’s interventions, helping patients regain visual acuity and regain independence in various aspects of their lives. With his track record of exceptional results, Dr. Ellingson continues to be a trusted source of care for individuals dealing with macular holes.